Extending the luxury of the Winery to all expressions of the brand.

Trius is about pure notes, good food, the earth, the vineyard and the wine. By connecting all design and communications with the terroire, a well-loved brand has settled into its exquisite roots.

Over a 5-year period, SOCO aligned numerous Trius brand and sub-brand expressions with a newly realized position captured internally as “bare-foot luxury,” which mirrored the relaxed and highly refined energy and flavours of Trius wines and experiences.

Following an immersion process and numerous working sessions with key stakeholders, SOCO evolved and built upon the existing Trius brand, creating a more modern expression that extends to unique zones and sub-brands. The result is an authentic and consistent visual language and voice that now guides new designs and installations, adding depth to every touchpoint.

The Outcome:

  • An evolved and modernized brand essence
  • A clear and overarching activation plan
  • Sub-branded zones at the Winery including the Wine Store, the Restaurant, the Tasting Loft, the Welcome Desk
  • Aligned customer touchpoints including a refreshed retail strategy, Winery decor and signage improvements, monolithic mural installations, updated Wine Club collateral, wayfinding system (digital & traditional), printed collateral, and an award-winning Trius Showcase Wine Series label design
Trius Winery

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