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Solange Rivard sitting on a chair in front of a white brick wall

A New Concept
Brand Consultancy


Through dynamic exchange with our clients, we’ve developed a unique process that balances direction of specialized teams, regardless of project intensity, to connect corporate and personal brands with audiences on their own meaningful terms.

We bring fact foundation, plan and definitive style to every project we touch.


Principal, Creative Strategy + Design

Solange is an award winning Creative Director who challenges industry clichés, creating highly engaging corporate and personal brand identities and experiences. With both a studied and intuitive grasp of culture and design, her productions are rich in visual and conceptual value with an objective to cultivate a brand’s truest voice. Clients and consumers appreciate the SOCO style that she leads with informed purpose, and a spirit of big, collaborative thinking.


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Style Consultant

Micah’s intrinsic understanding of cultural mood and intertextual style, make her a major asset to the SOCO team. With an ability to identify and encapsulate the mood and personality of a brand through mindful curation, she imbues retail spaces with the same authentic awareness and chill vibe that defines her own professional style,

Micah's experiences in New York attending Parsons then as a stylist, and in Toronto as Women’s Wear Fashion Director at HBC, and CEO of Frankie’s Surf Club arm her with an ability to offer consumers seemingly exclusive access to what makes a brand special.

Micah brings assured vision to every project.



Designer / AD

Oscar has an eye for great style that affords him a relevant and appreciated take on graphic design.

A highly creative and disciplined designer, Oscar helps shape brands with a focus on details that differentiate our clients. Beyond being a super-talent, he brings a calming confidence and controlled approach to every project.

Always staying true to creative strategy, Oscar practices the art of modern refinement with an empathetic approach to every project.



Designer / AD

Lesley is a bright star in the graphic design and advertising world. Her work combines a thoughtfully light-handed approach with an authentic style that connects with and engages audiences.

Having won numbers of impactful campaigns throughout her agency career, Lesley brings enthusiasm and a contemporary eye to every brand identity, web experience and experiential marketing moment that she designs.

Lesley is a charm to work with, and always brings great energy to our SOCO working sessions.