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A New Concept
Brand Consultancy


Through dynamic exchange with our clients, we’ve developed a unique process that balances direction of specialized teams, regardless of project intensity, to connect brands with audiences on their own meaningful terms.

We bring fact foundation, plan and definitive style to every brand we touch.


Principal, Creative Strategy + Design

Solange is an award winning Creative Director who challenges industry clichés, creating highly engaging brand identities and experiences. With both a studied and intuitive grasp of culture and design, her productions are rich in visual and conceptual value with an objective to cultivate a brand’s truest voice. Clients and consumers appreciate the SOCO style that she leads with informed purpose, and a spirit of big thinking.


Principal, Strategy + Operations

Paul helps businesses define their singular purpose to deliver a differentiated experience and unlock growth. He has spent the past 3 years building Reunion working with some of North America’s most admired brands across fashion retail, hospitality and grocery. Paul has spent the past 10+ years helping owners and CEOs reinvent their businesses and drive transformational growth.




Lead Designer

Lana has an elegant design approach that has been recognized by the community in publications such as Applied Arts, Communication Arts, the Advertising Design Club of Canada and the Arc Awards. More importantly, her work has expanded and enriched the brand of numerous companies from boutiques to big business.

Lana's fluid approach to design effortlessly translates to the medium at hand, whether it be virtual or physical. Always sensitive to the aesthetics and practicalities of each project, Lana's talent is in realizing design that is bright and big in spirit, and always beyond expectation.

Kathryn Daw



Kathryn is a consultant offering brand storytelling, and client services in the world of design and communications. Most interested in connecting the dots of authenticity across various brands and companies as they emerge and lead within today's changing landscape, her work is anchored in a response to voices that are genuine, accountable and unique.

A fashion designer too, she’s happiest moving for the benefit of the bigger picture. She’s a great listener. She’s a seer of the details. And she has a knack for weaving pieces together in a most stylish way.



Research and Analytics

Alex is a rare talent - he is seamlessly both analytical and intuitive. All good and bad ideas are vetted by Alex to be sure that thinking is supported with customer research, unit economics and business model growth.

Beyond his HBA from Ivey, Alex brings 5+ years of experience helping restauranteurs, luxury and organic grocers and car rental leaders bring rigour and discipline to bold business transformation.



Strategist, Communications

Julia is the Director of Strategy Happens Inc. - a communications architecture firm founded to bring her corporate exec, strategic thinking and communications doctorate-based know-how into play for consulting clients.

Working in healthcare/ IT and innovation across the US and Canada, Julia has lead national-scaled commercialization, marketing and stakeholder engagement initiatives for dozens of clients including Allscripts, HIMSS, Allergan/Botox ® and the American College of Cardiology. And, she is a faculty member at the University of Toronto (her alma mater for a PhD in communications theory) where she teaches a course for IHPME on Strategic Frameworks in eHealth Innovation.

Anna Duckworth


Writer, Digital and Publicity

Anna’s a writer and communicator consulting primarily in the digital communications space. Her focus is copywriting, content, digital strategy and publicity for people and things ranging from film, television, fashion, design, tech, sport and the arts.

A former journalist, Anna’s long since traded that title in favour of the greener and more subjective pastures of communications. She's inspired by the aesthetics of the written word and holds dear a writing process that is as much a visual exercise as it is an exercise in prose. She’s contributed to BlackBook Mag, Spacing, The Coast and CBC Radio. Her works credited with bolstering both national and international profiles for the Canadian Surf Film Festival, The Atlantic Film Festival, The Atlantic Fringe Festival, the Canadian Marketing Association and the World Wildlife Fund. Anna calls Toronto home, but spends a good bit of time on the road between LA to Halifax. 



Designer, Assistant to Director

Oscar has an eye for great style that affords him a relevant and appreciated take on graphic design.

A highly creative and disciplined designer, Oscar helps shape brands with a focus on details that differentiate our clients. Beyond being a super-talent, he brings a calming confidence and controlled approach to every project.

Always staying true to creative strategy, Oscar brings modern refinement and an empathetic approach to every project.