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Defining a brand where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

From the outset it was clear that IHPME had widespread loyalty from inside its walls and beyond. Yet there was loose cohesion in articulating the value of the Institute – nowhere was there a finger on the essence or a definition of the big picture that brought so many members and moving parts into alignment.

The challenge quickly emerged as creating a brand framework to reflect a collective voice – something to bring more than 200 faculty, 100 adjunct faculty, 300 students and almost 2,000 alumni onto the same page. Something to represent almost $6M in research funding.

The Outcome:

The University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy Management & Evaluation brand identity system now delivers the full energy and humanity of the Institute, showcases its community –and sets the bar higher for the academic paradigm with branding work that reveals IHPME to be a fluid entity with a solid core. The Institute’s strength was found to be in its responsive ability to shape-shift to meet emerging health system priorities – in balance with its constant adherence to a shared value of improving health and healthcare, we knew we need to reflect this in the branding. As such, guiding messages of ‘integrating the collective,’ and ‘cultivating intellectual exchange’ emerged. The IHPME identity system clearly extends from the University’s established look and feel while asserting IHPME itself as a responsive leader in research and professional contributions with a community that can ‘uphold knowledge, it transforms healthcare.’

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