A brand that captures life’s intangibles with refined jewelry.

bluboho jewelry represents a forever filled with quiet moments and wild rides. It’s a curated mix of refined and thoughtful pieces that balances rawness with beauty, while punctuating the unfolding story of the free-spirited life.

When SOCO started working with bluboho, its owners embodied its brand. They are two retail stars with charmed hearts and visions, but that energy was not translating purely across every touchpoint.

In collaboration with the bluboho team, SOCO refined the existing logo, added the tagline “Refined Jewelry,” and developed the “bluboho style guide” that would act to inform every creative decision about packaging store décor, web and email visuals, and language, with a laid-back luxury vibe. In effect, we worked together to take the brand out of the owners’ heads and onto paper, creating efficiencies, continuity and aesthetic beauty forever and a day.

The Outcome is as charming as the bluboho team:

  • Urban bohemian style, refinement, and consistency where it is needed with creative flexibility suited to a brand within the self expression category.
  • The stores have evolved as experiences worthy of life’s most important moments and as the perfect day-to-day drop-in for a quick hug and an friendly post.
  • The web site is dynamic, with stories authentic to the bluboho girl in every season. Highly shop-able and engaging, the web extends to a forgotten cart message that has already increased sales by 30%.As bluboho continues to grow and evolve, there are elements that will always run constant; the quality of the product, the honest warmth of every physical and digital interaction, the relentless innovation that positions this brand as a leader in its category, and most importantly the connection with customers who soon become good friends.We invite you to visit bluboho and enjoy.

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